10 Ways To Stay Healthy & Fit During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Apr 02, 2022Vikram Tea

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has altered many of our everyday activities in unexpected ways that have become the new normal. Pertaining to which, many of us are still staying at home to limit our exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. 

With this unexpected lifestyle transition, there is a possibility of a more inactive lifestyle filled with activities such as sitting for significantly longer periods while reading, or sitting in front of your desktop or laptop for relatively longer durations. 

Isolation and being at home might also evoke the want to eat unhealthy snacks, and low-quality meals. This is a challenging task for many individuals in these days of social alienation and self-isolation. 

To sustain an active lifestyle in an era of social isolation, you must remain proactive and, in certain cases, productive. The pandemic undoubtedly must have had a significant impact on your daily lifestyle, which might have been severely impacting your overall health. That is why, to help you in the same, we have listed a few tips below that can help you stay healthy during the pandemic. 

10 ways to stay healthy & fit during the Covid-19 pandemic 

  1. Get vaccinated and keep the mask-up: The first and foremost tip for staying healthy and fit during the pandemic is to get vaccinated and keep the mask-up at all times. Keeping the mask-up, whether you’re fully vaccinated or not, is necessary so that you may not spread the virus among those with weak immunity.  Also, you might wonder about the benefit of getting fully vaccinated if you can still get infected; well, getting vaccinated ensures that your immunity power has been increased to a certain level, where your body can fight with the virus in case affected.  So, the first step we should take is getting fully vaccinated and keeping the masks up! 
  2. Maintain safe distance: While stepping out for work, walk or grocery shopping, be mindful and maintain a safe distance. We know it can be hard to maintain a safe distance and to not touch things, especially while travelling through a public transport, which is why we recommend drinking Kavach Immunity Booster tea.   Vikram Kavach’s Immunity Booster tea is a unique blend of natural spices such as tulsi, ashwagandha, ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom which helps your body to fight against infections. 
  3. Keep moving and stay active: Physical activity does more than only just improving your health. It releases endorphins, which improve your mood and minimize stress. Don’t let gym restrictions discourage you from working out. There are numerous fitness apps and websites available to assist you in developing an at-home exercise plan. In addition, many high tensile exercises can be performed without any gym equipment.  It’s normal if the whole pandemic scenario has drained your motivation to exercise. You can start by stretching at home, or taking a walk around your area. Also, drinking Vikram Kavach Turmeric Heal can help to reduce inflammation & stress and support cognitive performance. 
  4. Get proper sleep: A good night’s sleep is essential for overall wellbeing.  While the quantity of sleep required for a healthy condition and peak performance varies by individual, the average suggestion for adults is eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. 
  5. Prepare your mind and body for a night of good sleep: Well, we told you that it is important to get proper sleep, but how? Here is the answer!  Prepare your mind and body for a night of good sleep: Well, we told you that it is important to get proper sleep, but how? Here is the answer!  If you’re having difficulties going asleep, consider drinking Vikram Kavach Ayurvedic Kadha which is a blend of 7 ayurvedic herbs and spices, take a hot bath or a shower, or write down any ideas that keep you tossing and turning. 
  6. Stay connected with family and friends: Stay in touch with friends and family while being alone, as that helps in lowering anxiety levels and can reduce the feeling of loneliness.  Stay connected with family and friends: Stay in touch with friends and family while being alone, as that helps in lowering anxiety levels and can reduce the feeling of loneliness. 
  7. Eat healthy: A healthy immune system protects our body against various seasonal diseases and other health problems. Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, and lemons) are a good source of vitamin C, that gives a boost to your immunity system and helps your body fight against infections.  Aside from the solid diet, also evaluate the beverages you prefer. Doctors recommend including kadha in your daily diet plan to boost immunity and remain healthy and active.  It’s tempting to seek comfort in potato chips and ice cream, but eating too many sugary and fatty meals can lead to weight gain and mental health concerns. Although, including nutritious snacks in your diet once in a while is of no harm.  For example, you can include a cup of Vikram Kavach Detox Tea in your diet, this will help you stay fit and relieve stress.  
  8. Maintain work-life balance: One thing this pandemic has made us all believe more in is, “Health is Wealth”. Many people are working from home right now, and some are even working from the office regularly or in hybrid mode and finding it hard to maintain the work-life balance. 
  9. Be mindful of your sitting posture: If you struggle to maintain correct workplace posture at work, it may be even more difficult to do so at home. However, making minor changes to your workspace can help you avoid eye strain, musculoskeletal problems, and mental exhaustion.  Set your display so that the viewing angle is at eye level. With your arms and thighs aligned well, and your back supported, sit back down. Use a cushion or folded towel to provide additional back support if necessary. 
  10. Assign some time for self-care: During this time of uncertainty, you may be so focused on taking care of others — shielding immediate family and neighbours from COVID-19, dealing with colleagues in a remote work environment, checking in on at-risk loved ones — that you may forget to check in with yourself.  That is why it is important to set aside at least 10 minutes to focus on your mental wellbeing every day. Keep a journal of your emotions, meditate, or read a book. Taking a moment to care for yourself will provide you with the energy to care for others. You can also try drinking a hot cup of Vikram Kavach Detox Kahwa,  infused with herbs, spices and various natural ingredients helping your body & mind to relax. 

Taking all of these steps may help to improve your overall health and wellness. However, eating nutritious foods, exercising, getting enough rest, and caring for our mental wellbeing helps us feel more resilient; still, it is not a treatment, and it does not guarantee immunity from COVID-19. Which is why getting vaccinated and wearing masks should be your first step towards staying healthy during the pandemic. 

We hope that these suggestions may assist you in staying healthy amid the global pandemic. And always remember, you’re not alone in this, it will pass; in the meantime, be healthy and fit! 

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