How A Daily Cup Of Tea Can Give Boost To Your Health

Feb 09, 2020Vikram Tea

Pour some more is the common refrain you would hear repeatedly from a tea lover. After all, the hot and steaming cup of tea is a delight for the taste buds and a boost to your mood and overall physical health.

In India, sipping on the tea is the old folks best pass time. It is the hardworking people’s rejuvenation and children love it. A cup of tea is served when guests arrive and it has become the best companion for night owls and early birds.

Ever wondered how tea has become so integral part of our lives in India? A tea connoisseur would whisper and answer- It has so many health benefits and therefore we love it. So, what are the health benefits of having a cup of tea daily? Read on to know:-

Antioxidants polyphenols boost immunity and prevent your body from various types of diseases. The percentage of these compounds are very high in the tea. In fact, it is a more superior type of antioxidant than in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, tea helps in the following ways:-

Reduces heart disease risks – Well, the heart is the most important part of the human body. The tea is known to improve the blood flow in the body by widening the arteries. Moreover, the antioxidants by the name flavonoids present in the tea may slow down the onset of many kinds of heart diseases.

Hydrates body – Some scientist believe that tea is a rich source of water. Though brewed tea contains caffeine content, a cup of tea can hydrate your body effectively. It is believed to be more potent for hydration that the consumption of water itself.

Prevents tooth decay – Tea contains a large amount of fluoride. Now, this mineral is well known to strengthen the tooth enamel and that’s exactly is achieved by drinking tea. Another highlight is that it can reduce tooth decay.

Now you know why old people often go on sipping tea all throughout the day!

Reduced fat content – Tea helps in two ways. First, it is the best alternative beverage for soft drinks. So, if you are inclined to having cold drinks or diet coke after meals, you can switch to tea instead. Secondly, tea is believed to aggressively burn calories and fat breakdowns. This eventually helps your body to absorb less calorie from foods that you consume.

Looking to get in shape? Include tea in the plan.

Prevents cancer – Let’s be clear that the studies regarding the positive effects of tea on cancer are at an early stage. The emerging reports suggest that those who drink 5-6 cups of tea has more immunity against specific cancers like that of prostate and mouth.

Protects bones – Tea is believed to contain phytochemicals. These compounds are well known for the treatment of bone related diseases and bone degeneration. Therefore, tea can strengthen bone density and improve bone health.

Improves concentration and clarity – One of the popular benefits which is known by all is that tea improves concentration and clarity. It is the best company for those legends who like studying or working late into the night. Same is the case for geniuses who wake up in the morning.

Calorie-free – Wondering how? Well, don’t indulge tea with milk and sugar and you are having a calorie-free and rich in health benefits beverage for consumption. In India, people drink black tea and it can be very helpful for those having diabetes as well.

Helps digestion – There are several types of tea available in India. Some add pepper while others love cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom in tea. It is known to have antibacterial properties. In order to further improve digestion, might we suggest adding some ginger to your tea? It works just perfect as well.

Now that you know the benefits of tea, it is important you consume only the high quality brewed tea. It is important that the tea leaves must be fresh for the production and does not contain anything harmful.

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