Vikram Elaichi Tea - 500g Jar

Rs. 205.00
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Rs. 205.00
Enriched with 100% natural ground cardamom (Elaichi) and no added essence,

Vikram Cardamom Tea 500g jar is like a breath of fresh air. Its intense aroma and soothing taste will mesmerize you. Every ship will take you on a journey to energize and revitalize you. Vikram Tea is unique in its blend, and that’s what commands well-entrenched loyalty. Cardamom is known to be beneficial for skin and heart health, improved blood circulation, potentially anti-inflammatory properties, and as a detoxifying agent. Vikram Tea delivers tea from the best tea gardens in Assam and Upper Assam. Go for Vikram Elaichi Tea and enjoy the 100% natural flavours of ground cardamom in each sip!


Calories, 105.40 Kcal
Carbohydrates, 6.10 g
Protein, 20.25 g
Vitamin C, 28.0 mg
Calcium, 530 mg


100% Natural Ground CardamomFree ShippingBest Quality Tea

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